Facebook for Windows 8.1

Stay connected with friends and family with the app developed specifically for computer use at home

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Facebook for Windows 8.1
Facebook for Windows 8.1 2014

Facebook is the official app for the social media platform on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. All users with a compatible operating system may download this app in seconds. From there, they're presented with everything Facebook has to offer in one package. The Windows 10 version of Facebook closely mimics what's offered on the Web. Most users will know what to expect with this app, and all features are baked into the software. For that reason, Facebook Windows 8.1/10 is easy to recommend for download.

Everything You're Used To With Facebook and Its Apps

The Windows 10 Facebook app is optimized from top to bottom for Windows devices. Without a doubt, Facebook shines on touchscreen devices like tablets and 2-in-1s. Everything continues to work well with mouse and keyboard, though. Users can access their News Feed, chat with their friends, and see notifications with ease. Pages can be liked and settings can be tweaked as well. Fortunately, there are no surprises here.

In the performance department, Facebook for Windows 10 doesn't disappoint. Load times are minimal, and overall performance is excellent. An optimized app ensures users don't deal with constant crashes and bugs during use. This particular version of Facebook seems to have received the same quality control and development time as the iOS and Android versions. Therefore, the entire experience is responsive and smooth.

Very Few Differences From Other Versions of Facebook

For better or worse, Facebook on Windows 10 is like every other Facebook app. It runs comparably to the iOS and Android versions to say the least. The experience matches what users encounter on the Web, too. Developers behind the app haven't added many new or exciting features, instead choosing to keep everything similar across versions. While this practice isn't a bad thing, users might not feel like they need this app.

Even on convertibles and tablets, Facebook for Windows 10 might not feel like a necessary download. Individual users can always access the platform through their Web browser. The app adds nothing to the experience aside from slightly better notifications. In some ways, Facebook for the Web is easier to use and navigate while changing account settings.

In the end, Facebook Windows 8.1 and 10 is an excellent app at its core. No Facebook user will feel disappointed about missing features or performance problems. This app is optimized through and through but fails to stand out from the Web version. A standalone app is convenient for some users. However, other users won't like the redundancy. Facebook is an easy Windows app to recommend when looking at the complete package, though.


  • Everything you would expect from a polished Facebook app.
  • Access to everything included in the Web version of Facebook.
  • A smooth and lightweight app optimized for Windows 8.1 and 10.


  • Dealing with privacy controls in app can be frustrating.
  • Great for Windows 10 touchscreen devices, lackluster on traditional screens.
  • Doesn't bring anything new to the table for Facebook.

Whether you use Facebook for personal or business purposes, installing the Facebook Windows 8 application on your own home computer is one way for you to access your content and news feed with ease, regardless of your reasoning for using the social network each day. Reviewing the pros and cons that Facebook Windows 8 has to offer is a way for you to determine whether or not the program is right for any needs you have when using the network to keep in touch with family members, friends, co-workers and even business associates you work with or network with in your industry or professional field.

What is the Facebook Windows 8 Software?

Facebook Windows 8 is a downloadable tool that allows users to access Facebook and their accounts without the use of a traditional browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Instead, Facebook Windows 8 allows individuals to log in directly to their own Facebook accounts or business pages using the application software itself, which can be accessed from your computer's hard drive or desktop, depending on where you have saved the program.

Pros of Facebook Windows 8

Using Facebook Windows 8 is simple and only requires a few minutes to set up and install, making it entirely user-friendly with an intuitive platform to help with navigation and browsing. Additionally, the platform and tool itself is sleek, modern and visually appealing, giving you a clean and fresh look of Facebook any time you want to access your account, its feed or your own private information, even when you are not utilizing a traditional web browser to do so when you are online.

Responsive controls within the program make this software ideal if you are using a Windows operating system on another tablet, mobile phone or electronic device that allows you to download and install programs on your own without downloading them from the online marketplace. The software itself has been optimized and specifically created with the use of tablets and mobile phones in mind, including responsive buttons and designs for all users regardless of the carrier or service provider you are using. Additionally, enjoy live updates within your news feed from all friends and family members.

Cons of Using Facebook Windows 8

Dealing with the struggles of managing your account privacy settings and information is much more challenging than with the use of the in-browser version of Facebook. Additionally, there are no new features added to the Facebook Windows 8 program, making it entirely useless if you prefer browsing in Facebook with the use of a traditional web browser.

Understanding both the pros and cons of utilizing Facebook Windows 8 is a great way for you to determine whether or not the tool and program itself is right for you and the way you put Facebook to use daily. Learning more about features and capabilities of Facebook Windows 8 is a way for you to consider all of the options you have available in terms of accessing your data and your own Facebook account.

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